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Book of the Month - 2010 Digest

It's that time of year again, so here's the Christmas Digest, perhaps for some last minute present ideas...

Merry Christmas Reading!

Fishing Bamboo; An Angler's Passion for the Traditional fly Rod
John Gierach, Illustrated Glenn Wolff
© 1997 John Gierach
This edition The Lyons Press

Most of us fish with modern carbon fibre rods, but the tradition of built cane has survived in america to the extent that many people still make their own rods. In this book gierach examines the attraction of this most natural material, and explores it's mystery and enduring appeal.

Trout: An Illustrated History
Written and illustrated by: James Prosek
© 1996

A beautifully illustrated exploration of the trout of America, the source of the now ubiquitous Rainbow Trout.

Trout Fly Patterns: An International Guide to 300 Flies
Written by: Taff Price

An invaluable pocket guide to trout fly patterns drawn from around the world, ably edited by Taff Price, a frequent magazine contributor and author on flies and fishing.

The Practical Angler
Written by: W C Stewart

First published 1857. Various editions since, inc. modern paperbacks and an online version

A classic, and a fascinating insight into the world of fly fishing in Scotland in the nineteenth century, still with much to offer the modern fisherman.


Death, Taxes and Leaky Waders
John Gierach
© 2000
Simon Schuster

Still my favourite fishing writer, this is an ideal introduction to Gierach with extracts from many of his published collections.

Fly fishing
J.R. Hartley
© 1991 Michael Russell
Stanley Paul & Co

Life follows art with this remarkable book, born out of a television advertising campaign for Yellow Pages, it is both amusing and informative, with the fishing content ably edited by Peter Lapsley.

Fishing Flies
Malcolm Greenhalgh & Jason Smalley
© 2010

A truly encyclopedic study of fishing flies, - if Taff Price's book is the pocket edition, this is the De Luxe, with hundreds of flies described, analysed and illustrated, along with appropriate tying "recipes"

Secrets of Fly Fishing for Trout
Ian Ball
© 1993/1998 Elliot Right Way Books
Right Way

The perfect guide to all things fly fishing. Describing itself as a "fact-packed book (that) introduces you to the thrilling and health-enhancing (sic) sport of fly fishing for trout."

At the time I featured this book, I said

"If you only have one book on trout fishing, this would be a good one to choose.."

...and I still think that's true!


I hope you have found these few notes interesting and useful, and have maybe followed my advice and found some of the books about which I have written. Book of the Month will be taking a rest after Christmas, - I have a pile of reading to catch up on, but I hope to bring more titles to you at the start of the next season in March..