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Catch Record 2018

April 2018

Some exciting sport was enjoyed by the fly anglers, with Mr McLeish on catch  and release returned 9 lovely conditioned rainbows average 2lb 8oz to 4lb 8oz.
Other  catches were recorded as follows- W.Paterson 3fish for 7lb 10oz   G. Miller  5 fish for 12lb 4oz .  M McLevin 6 fish for 15lb.  J Bryce 2 fish for 7lb.  D McMahon 5 fish for 13lb 10oz. J Dunn 4 fish for 9lb 12oz. Best fish this week was a 6lb rainbow.  Best methods -sink tip line with Bloodworm on the point and small Damsel on the dropper.  Also small mini lures
such as Black Fritz and Yellow Dancers. Buzzers fished below sight bob also scoring well.

The bait loch fished particularly well. Mr Gordon caught 6 fish for 12lb 8oz. Mr Weir and brother had 9 fish for 18lb 8oz. Mr Campbell had 4 fish for 10lb 2oz. Mr McFarlane had 3 fish for 7lb 11oz. Mr McLeish had 4 fish for 11lb 12oz.  Mr O,'Brian had 4 fish for 9lb 8oz.
Best method was ledger or small float with power  bait  or worm.
Prospects good with more settled weather.

Phone Jim on 07836 209050  for more information

April 2018

With the weather warming last week some good sport was enjoyed by both the fly anglers and  bait anglers.
Best flies have been Damsel patterns along with Bloodworms, Cats' Whiskers, Yellow Dancers and various blob patterns.

Buzzers working well in the calmer water. Best methods being sink tip or slow intermediate lines as the trout are still mid-water. With fish starting to rise on milder days. Some notable catches being -Mr Ferguson with 4 fish for13lb 8oz, best being 6lb 8oz on a Yellow Dancer.

P Fannon caught an over wintered rainbow between 11lb - 14lb which was safely released. He also released a fine brown trout of 5-6lb ,well done!!. P Thomson had 4 fish for 11lb 8oz on a Squirmy. Some anglers still being broken by larger fish due to inadequate tackle.
Prospects good with some settled weather for evening rises with dry patterns being top method.
Small items of tackle are available in the on-site tackle shop.

PHONE 07836 209050

March 2018

With some better weather anglers turned out in good numbers, with fly fishers rewarded with good sport.
some notable catches this week were Gordon Stewart with his 4 nice rainbows for 11lb 5oz. J. Kennedy had 3 fish for 7lb 8oz, Jim Ferguson had 4 for 13lb 8oz with a super conditioned fish for 6lb 8oz safely returned.

Paul Thomson had 4 for 11lb 9oz, Les Hawkins had 4 for 9lb 4oz, Mr McCormack on catch and release returned 10 rainbows and blues on the 5 acre loch while his son (11) caught 4 nice fish for 10lb 8oz while bait fishing.

Best flies were a Pink Apps, Bloodworm, -small
Yellow Dancer. Various buzzers also worked well in calmer conditions. Prospects good as the water warms up.

Telephone - 07836 209050
or 01506 847269
for up to date information