man on scooter delivering food

Insurance for delivering food

Do you deliver food of any description? Not just fish, or uncooked food, but also hot food such as pizzas, burgers, kebabs, curries, takeaways, or full meals for companies such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo or JustEat? Picking up food from a provider like McDonalds or Greggs and delivering it to hungry customers is a growth industry but many drivers use their own vehicles; cars, scooters, motorbikes or vans; and they are unaware that they are driving without insurance. They need to have proper insurance for food deliveries.

Normal car insurance policies cover drivers for the usual dangers of driving socially. Those who use a vehicle to commute to work pay extra to compensate the insurer for the risks involved in regular journeys in rush hour traffic. None of these policies provide cover for food deliveries.

Why do I need special insurance to deliver food?

This is because those delivering food have extra traffic risks to face. They often have to rush to get hot meals delivered before they cool down. They have to deliver to multiple addresses in areas they may not be familiar with. They are under time pressures because the more deliveries they make, the more tips they earn. And they have to be out in all weathers.

Shouldn't fast food companies insure their staff?

Most people who carry food products are self employed. Any work at part time or as part of another job such as taxi driving. Larger delivery companies such as Deliveroo, Uber or JustEat are well aware of this and require all their delivery drivers to get this insurance: knows as 'hire and reward cover'; but many smaller restaurants and takeaways are either unaware of the regulations or just assume that their drivers are properly insured. Result: the police have a great time stopping delivery people and prosecuting them for driving whilst uninsured.

Is food delivery insurance expensive?

It is more expensive than normal car, van, bike or scooter insurance. However there is a lot of competition in the insurance market so premiums have fallen. You can compare fast food insurance prices to help you find the cheapest premiums.