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Fly of the Month - November

Fly of the Month - February -  Goldhead Orange Fritz


Cat's Whisker

  • Body: Fluorescent green chenille
  • Tail: White Marabou and 10lb nylon
  • Wing: White Marabou
  • Tying thread: White
  • Head: Silver bead chain
  • Hook: Size 8-10 Longshank

This is another relatively simple tying. Start by running on the thread in the usual way, and bring the silk up to the hook in touching turns - this will help the chenille grip the hook later on. Whip on the bead "eyes" using a figure of eight loop, then run the silk back to the bend of the hook. Tie in a small bunch of whit marabou fibres. The fly got it's name from a few discarded whiskers from the inventors cat tied in at this stage. Well, you may not have a cat handy, or if you do, it may not be sufficiently fond of trout to want to give up a few whiskers, so a couple of short lengths of 10ib nylon makes an adequate substitute. Cut a short length of chenille and strip away the fibre from about 5 mm. Tie this in next. Stripping away the fibre prevents an unsightly bulge at this point. Run the silk up to the beads, and follow with tight turns of the chenille. Leave a small space behind the "eyes" to add a wing of marabou fibres. Finish off with a neat head and whip finish.


As the air and water temperatures drop, fish become less active and need more incentive to take a fly. This large, bright mobile lure is ideal for late Autumn and winter fishing. Being weighted it will sink readily to the bottom where the fish tend to hold in colder weather. Try various retrieves styles until you get a response.