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Fly of the Month - March

Fly of the Month - February -  Goldhead Orange Fritz



  • Body:Black Rayon Chenille
  • Rib: Oval silver
  • Wing: Black marabou
  • Tail: Fluorescent green yarn or Glo-brite floss
  • Tying thread: Black
  • Hook: Size 10-12 wet or longshank

Although I have chosen to illustrate this month's Fly of the Month with a particular pattern, as usual, I also want to talk generally about colour combinations, namely green a nd black. Last month we featured an imitative pattern in the hope of attracting fish that are beginning to feed. This month we are looking at a general idea - that of attracting the fish by gaining it's attention. This early in the season fish are still behaving erratically, some days will be better than otters, and a high -contrast black and green pattern stands a good chance of being effective on most days.

Some of you may remember the Vauxhall Viva after which this fly is named - it's inventor worked at the car plant in Bedford.

As usual with my choices for Fly of the Month, it is quite an easy one to tie. I have shown both goldhead and unweighted in the illustration, - technique is pretty much the same for both apart from the addition of the bead.

Run the silk onto the hook in the usual way and catch in a length of floss or fluorescent yarn st the tail. Lay the waste end of the yarn along the hook shank to ensure a uniform body. Run the silk up to the eye and back again to the bend os the hook. Catch in a length of silver tinsel at the bend then strip the end of a length of rayon chenille and catch that in too, Wind the chenille in tight touching turns to the eye of the hook, secure, then rib in opposing turns with the tinsel. Make sure you leave enough space at the eye of the hook to catch in a beard hackle of black cock fibres and a good sized pinch of Black turkey marabou to form the wing. Whip finish, trim and varnish as usual.


The great value of turkey marabou is in its mobility, so to get the best out of a fly using this material, try a "sink and draw" movement, allowing the fly to rest, then moving it on again. This makes the marabou pulse in the water, making a very attractive motion.