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Fly of the Month - February

Fly of the Month - February -  Goldhead Orange Fritz


Yellow Dancer

  • Body: Tying silk
  • Tail: White Marabou with two strands of Krystal Flash
  • Palmered Hackle: Yellow Cock
  • Rib: Flat mosaic or other multi coloured tinsel
  • Tying thread: Yellow
  • Head: Gold bead 
  • Hook: Size 8-10 Longshank

After reading the catch reports for January, there was no question of the Fly of the Month for this month. The one and only, the original, the infamous Yellow Dancer

Start by threading a suitable goldhead bead onto your hook.

Tie the silk on in the usual way and run down to the bend of the hook. Catch in a good pinch of white marabou fibres, and a couple of strands of Krystal Flash. Set the ends of the marabou well up the hook so you can form a nice level body later. Secure the marabou and flash, then run the silk up to the back of the bead, then back to the bend of the hook in flat, close turns. The ideal is a neat, level body. Catch in a length of your ribbing tinsel, and take the thread back to the back of the bead again. Strip the flue off the blunt end of a good bright yellow cock hackle. Choose one with fibres about twice the gape of the hook. Some people like to use a henny cock hackle for this, if you can get them, for the additional mobility it gives. Catch in the bottom of the hackle just behind the bead and wind it back, palmer style, to the bend of the hook where the tail starts. Secure the hackle with the ribbing tinsel, working it in and out of the fibres so you don't trap too many. Catch in the tinsel behind the bead and trim off the waste tinsel and hackle bits. Finish off the fly with a series of half-hitches, tucked in as tightly behind the bead as you can. Before you take the fly out of the vice, use a dubbing needle to tease any trapped hackle fibres out from under the rib.


Use a retrieve that makes best use of the mobile elements of this fly, "sink and draw" is good. Depth largely depends on the day, the general rule being the colder the water, the deeper fish will lie.