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Fly of the Month - February

Fly of the Month - February -  Goldhead Orange Fritz


Goldhead Orange Fritz

  • Head: Gold bead/hot orange bead
    Body: Orange chenille
    Tail: Orange Marabou
    Tying thread: Hot orange
    Hook: Size 10 - 12 long shank/lure

A very easy fly for the novice tyer, the hardest part is getting the bead onto the hook!

Start by tying on the thread in the usual way. Strip a few fibres from an orange marabou feather, lay them on the hook and tie them in, being careful not to make too big a "bunch" on the hook.

Return the thread to the bend, and prepare a piece of orange chenille, about 2 inches (45 cm) long. Strip the tinsel from about 1/4 of an inch (0.5 cm) and tie the bare chenille on to the hook, taking the tying thread up to the bead. Wind the chenille in tight close turns around the hook shank until about 1/8 inch, (0.3 cm) from the bead. Tie it off and trim the excess.

Because of the bead, it's difficult to make a whip-finish, so tie the thread off with a series of half-hitches behind the bead, until you are satisfied that it is firm.

Fishing the Fritz

Fish are poikilotherms, - their body temperature is directly related to the ambient temperature of the water, so at the moment, they are cold, and probably a bit sluggish. It is also quite likely that they are lying deep. So we must do two things, - get the fly down to them, so long leaders on a floating line, or use an intermediate or sink tip line, and we need to get the fishes attention, so keep the fly moving, try varying your retrieve, and take advantage of the goldhead by using a "sink and draw" approach