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Fly of the Month - January

Fly of the Month - February -  Goldhead Orange Fritz


Black Dancer

  • Body: Fine black Fritz
  • Tail: Black Marabou
  • Palmered Hackle: Black Cock
  • Rib: Oval Silver
  • Tying thread: Black
  • Head: Gold bead 
  • Hook: Size 8-10 Longshank

Derived from the well-known Lanarkshire pattern, the Yellow Dancer, there are several ways of tying this pattern. Jim favours a body of fine dark crystal flash, tied in like dubbing and brought out with a needle. I'm lazy, so have included my pattern using black Fritz.

Tie the silk on in the usual way and run down to the bend of the hook. Catch in a good pinch of black marabou fibres, a short length of oval silver wire, and a length of fine black Fritz for the body - remember to strip the Fritz to make this easier and less lumpy when tied the silk back to the back of the bead and wind the Fritz back in tight turn and tie it off, trimming off the excess. Tie a large black cock feather in at the head, and trim the excess. I use a cock feather for this part of the dressing as it is naturally stiffer - a hen feather would just wrap around the fly as it is drawn through the water where a cock hackle will provide more movement. Wind the feather down to the bend of the hook in open turns, palmer style, and secure with the ribbing wire. All that remains now is to secure the ribbing and finish the fly with a whip finish tucked in behind the bead.


Use a retrieve that makes best use of the mobile elements of this fly, "sink and draw" is good. Depth largely depends on the day, the general rule being the colder the water, the deeper fish will lie