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Fly of the Month - August

Fly of the Month - February -  Goldhead Orange Fritz


Black Buzzer

  • Body: Black tying silk, ribbed with silver wire
  • Wing Buds: Red floss
  • Tying thread: Black
  • Hook: Size 12-14 Shrimp or Circle

This is a very sparse dressing, relying more on the shape of the hook for its effectiveness. Run on black tying thread at the eye of the hook in the usual way, and run the silk on to a point well beyond the bend of the hook. Catch in a length of silver ribbing wire. Take the silk back up the hook in tight touching turns, and rib with the wire, securing the wire near the eye of the hook. Remove the excess wire and run the silk back down the hook a distance of about 3 mm Catch in 3 or 4 strands of red floss on each side of the hook, waste ends towards the eye. Use the waste ends of the floss to build up the thorax with the tying silk, remove the excess and fold the other ends of the floss over, securing at the eye. Remove the excess floss and build a neat head, finishing with a whip finish. Give the whole fly one or more coats of varnish or even two part epoxy resin.


buzzers, the larvae of the Chironomid or non-biting midge, are almost always present in the water, but during the hot, bright days of August they can be the only imitation that will tempt a fish. Worked slowly trough the water column in a "sink and draw" motion, or fished static under an indicator, they should account for fish on even the most difficult days