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Prices - 2018-19

Bowden Loch - 2 Acre Loch, Fly only

  Solo Adult and ONE Child*
8 hours - 5 fish limit C/R 3 fish £31.00 £35.00
8 hours - 4 fish limit C/R 3 fish £28.00 £33.00
6 hours - 3 fish limit C/R 3 fish £24.00 £29.00
4 hours - 2 fish limit C/R 2 fish £18.50 £22.50
4 Hours - Catch and Release ONLY £16.00 N/A
Each ADDITIONAL hour Catch & Release £1.50  
* children aged between 6-14, ONE per adult permit

Catch and Release - Single barbless hooks must be used.
Fish must not be removed from the water, or landing nets used.

ALL Brown Trout to be returned to the water on ALL permits.
ALL double figure fish must be returned to the water on ALL permits.
No BOOBIES to be used on this loch.

All fish must be weighed in before going on to Catch and Release.

Management reserve the right to check anglers' tackle at any time.


Carriber Loch - 5 Acre Loch, Bait or Fly

  Solo Adult and ONE Child*
8 hours - 6 fish limit £29.00 £33.00
6 hours - 4fish limit £24.00 £28.00
4 hours - 3 fish limit £19.00 £23.00
2 hours - 2 fish limit £14.00 £18.00

Single trace only - no spinning or minnows.

No bubble float and fly - no swim feeders.

No ground baiting. All fish must be killed.

Definitely no Catch and Release on this loch.


Anglers must leave the water when quota has been caught, or purchase an additional permit. Catch returns for both lochs must be completed in the record book in the bothy.