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Tackle Tip - February

The Start of Another Year

Well that's all the Christmas and NewYear stuff out of the way. So what did Santa bring you eh? Nice shiny new fly rod? Four piece, carbon, 9' 6'' for a 7 weight?

Good, so let's focus on some basics of setting up. Shiny new gear for Christmas deserves some respect, -let's get rid of some nasty old habits when tackling up, that might mean your shiny new gear doesn't last as long as it might.....

Let's start at the very beginning..When you make up your rod for a fishing session, there are a few things you can do to make life better for you and your kit. Firstly, try to align the joints of your rod before pushing ferrules together. Twisting the section of a rod into place afterwards puts strain on the rings and the blank. When threading your line into the rings, form a loop and push this through the rings first. This way, if for any reason you lose your grip on the line, it won't fall all the way back through the rings. Make sure you don't miss any rings - we have all done it, and it means either leaving off fishing to fix it. It would be unwise to carry on casting with a wrongly rigged rod, the rod will never work properly and you may even break it.

Speaking of breaking rods, once you have the line in the rings, don't just yank the rod tip round to pull line through. Always draw line through the tip ring first. You are not a fish, and rods are not designed to be stressed like this. Your brand new four piece might very quickly be an unusable five piece..

Another bad habit is leaving a leader or tippet on the reel, - yes, we've all done it. Nine times out of ten you will get away with it, but if the monofilament leader gets under the coils of fly line on the reel, you will have hours of non-fishing fun untangling it. Don't say I didn't warn you..