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Tackle Tip - March

I know...

Pheasant's Tails

Every year at the start of the season proper - to me that will always be March and Brown Trout fishing starting, I trot out a couple of tackle tips that will always appear here. The first of these is my "Other Pheasant's Tail". I'm sure a lot of you ahve seen this before, and are even now groasing, "Oh no, not again...". If not, read on....


How do you carry a rod around the fishery? Do you carry it in front of you? Well, if you haven't brpken a rod by now, in time you will. there are lots of ways to break a rod by carrying incorrectly. If you slip or trip, you can easily drive the tip into the ground. Equally, you can catch it on an obstruction and break the tip simply by walking into it. Ever got the rod caught up in a tree? That's another way you can break it.

Now, suppose you carry the rod behind you, like in the picture? Firstly you cannot stub the tip into anything. If you slip, the rod is behind you an much easier to keep safe. If you should happen to catch the tip in a tree, the ti p will be pushed down by the branches an is less likely to get tangled.

Oh - and carrying a rod in this way - you are less likely to poke anyone's eye out