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Tackle Tip - November

The Other Pheasant's Tail

Safely Carrying a Rigged-up Rod

This is a tip that I probably repeat several times each year, along with the one about discarded leader material, but this is important. Safely carrying a rod around the fishery is crucial not just for the good of your prized fishing gear but also for the safety of other anglers. A lot of people simply pick up their rods and carry them as if the were fishing, with the tip pointing forward, it's a fairly natural thing to do but it can lead to a number of bad things happening.

If you stumble, for instance, it is likely that the ti[p of the rod will drop, possibly hitting the ground - and it will break. Alternatively you may meet another angler coming in the opposite direction, - he may not see the rod tip and simply walk into it, - again not a good thing. Passing under trees and by bushes is another hazard. Carrying the rod tip first increases the chances of getting the rod or the line caught in the greenery, - again another possible break. Remember, carbon fibre is actually quite brittle, even though when in use if seems very flexible.

The easiest way to avoid any of the above unpleasantness is simply to carry the rod with the tip above and behind you. If you stumble, the rod is far easier to control and keep safe, and if you pass through any of the shrubbery, should the rod make contact with any branches, the line is protected and less likely to tangle, and the rod tip will be simply pushed down and should suffer no harm...


Try it. Honestly, it really is the better way to carry a rod...