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Tackle Tip - July

Leader material picked up around the fishery

Not this old saw again...?

...well, not exactly, first a story.

One of the fishery's swans got itself into a bit of bother last weekend. Apparently it was paddling its way around the bait loch when it spotted a likely looking angler on the bank and made straight for him. This meant that the swan paddled across the line from the gentleman's rod to the lump of ledgered Power Bait on the bottom, causing the swan to become entangled in the line. This annoyed the swan, who started to paddle harder to get away from the situation. This annoyed the angler too, as the swan pulled the rod off the rest and into the loch... The fishery authrities (Jim) were alerted to the situation who braved the rain,binoculars in hand, to assess the situation by which time the swan had freed itself and the angler's rod was at the bottom of the loch. Areplacement rod was soon found and the angler and the swan went on doing the things anglers and swans do.

So what does this story have to do with, well, anything? Firstly, the swan probaly headed towards the angler because he thought he was going to get something good. Maybe a bit of tuna sandwich or a handful of maggots? This is a good thing for garden birds, thinking humans are going to feed them, we rely on it all the time to bring birds into our gardens after all, but for a wild swan it's not ggod at all, as you can see, so no matter how tempting it is, PLEASE DON'T ENCOURAGE it by feeding the swans. The other ting, of course, is that it highlights how hazardous fishing line can be to wildlife. In this case the line was in use, but the issue of discarded leader material and line is still a problem for birds and small mammals. Line dropped on the bank can choke, strangle or entangle these creatures and is not a good thing. Add to that the trip hazard it represents for other anglers, and you can see it's not good for anyone. Nylon will degrade and become brittle in sunlight, but the process takes a very long time,. Modern materials like fluorocarbon take even longer to decay, remaining hazardous for years so, please, be aware of the wildlife we enjoy around the fishery, have a thought for safety, and please don't discard unwanted line. Take it home or make sire it is safely disposed of in the bins.

Tight lines, but only when the are attached to a fish!