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Tackle Tip - July

Poaching trout the right way

How to Poach Trout - Legally!

Ok - I thought it was about time we had a recipe idea. This for a number of reasons, A Taste of Scotland has just been held in Edinburgh, so it's topical, we haven't had a recipe yet this year, and I cooked this last weekend using the first trout of the season, so.......

You will need:

I cleaned trout, preferably not more than about 3 lb
3 Bay Leaves
A large (yes) bunch of fresh Parsley, stalks and all
About 6 sprigs of thyme

You can also use:
6 crushed Juniper berries
6 to 10 crushed peppercorns
The zest of half a lemon 
A glass of dry Vermouth - Noilly Pratt is best, but you can use Martini or Cinzano as long as it's dry

Place the trout in a shallow pan, big enough for it to lie flat - you may need to remove head and tails for this. Add enough cold water to cover the fish. Now add the herbs and the other ingredients if you choose to use them. Place the pan on the hob and bring to the boil. Once it starts to boil, TURN OFF THE HEAT. If you are using an electric hob, move the pan to a cold ring. Cover and leave for five minutes, or until the flesh in the cavity can be seen to be cooked.

You can eat this hot from the pan, but it is much better if you allow the fish to continue to cool in the liquor until quite cold. Serve with new potatoes, salad and your favourite vegetables.