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Tackle Tip - April

Happy Rod Carrying - no really!

Happy Rod Carrying 

Those of you who read this page regularly will recognise this tip from the many times I have repeated it, but that certainly isn't going to stop me using it again. As you well know, this, and the proper disposal of leader material, are the two issues that we like to feature at least once a year. Now that the weather is starting to pick up, the banks of the fishery are starting to get busy and it makes sense for us to think of the care of the safety of other anglers and basic care for our own gear.

Supposing you stumble on a molehill, or simply slip on a wet patch of grass? If you fall forwards, you are more than likely to ram the rip of your rod, the most fragile bit, into the ground, even if you don't actually fall yourself. Similarly, when passing under trees, holding the rod pointing forwards makes it much more likely that you'll catch a branch or twig and get tangles, again with the real possibility of breaking a section, usually the tip.

Another hazard occurs when two anglers are passing. It's sometimes difficult to see a fishing rod pointing towards you, especially against a background of trees or water, so you might find someone accidentally walking into the tip of your rod. Again, this probably won't be very good for it.

The answer here is so simple, carry your fishing rod as shown in the illustration above, pointing back and slightly upwards, in just the same way as a pheasant carries his tail. Now, if you fall, you can keep the rod up and out of harms way. similarly, when passing under trees, any twigs or branches hitting the rod will tens to force it downwards and avoid actually catching it.

I know I have posted this tip countless times before, but it is still as important now as it ever really don't want to break a rod that much, surely?