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Tackle Tip - February

Keeping a stright line...

Get this straight

Ok so it'shere we are at the start of another season, a lot of you will have shiny new reels to play with, new fly lines to fish with......... STOP right there, and make sure you load your new lines and reels correctly, otherwise you will never be happy...

If you are loading a reel, and it does not matter if we are talking about a fixed spool reel or a fly reel, ALWAYS run line straight off the spindle. If you just pull line off the top of a spindle, it twists, and you will never be rid of the twist. In a fly line it is worse even than "memory". Fly lines are particularly prone to this. Taking a fly line off the top of the coil creates a spring-like form in the line, resulting in a permanent twist on the reel.

So, if necessary, get someone to help by holding a pencil through the spindle of line, or throug the coil of a fly line, while you load your reel, it's worth it. I should know, the first Intermediate line I ever owned got twisted.. Well, I was in a hurry........wanted to get it on the reel........