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Tackle Tip - May

Picked up on the fishery.....

Take me to your Leader

Well, can you? Can you honestly say you know where every bit of discarded nylon has gone? Every now and then i find myself having to remind people that discarded nylon is a menace, both to the wildlife around the lochs, and to other anglers. Even old fashioned nylon, which will degrade in sunlight, take ages to breakdown. In the meantime, it can choke, strangle or hobble birds, ensnare small animals and become a serious trip hazard for other anglers, all the more significant near water. and the sad thing is there is no need for it. Frequently we find substantial lengths of leader discarded inches from the bins provided around the fishery.

So, if there's a bin nearby, please, use it. If not, stuff the nylon in your pocket and keep it until you can use a bin, or take it home. You could even use a nylon trap, like the commercially produced Monomaster, or a homemade container. - just don't drop it around the fishery...

Harder to find now in the age of digital photography... here is a twenty-first century alternative, the Monomaster waste line holder