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Tackle Tip - August


Setting up

You can't fish without setting up your rod, either fly rod or bait rod. There are a number of things to remember, some of which might seem obvious:
  1. Take your time - use your setting up time to look at the water, see if there are any fish moving. Are there any birds swooping over the water? - a good sign of a fly hatch...
  2. When setting up a fly rod, make a loop of line and feed this up through the rings. This way, if you lose your grip or get distracted, the line will not drop all the way back out of the rings, the loop will "jam" it in place.
  3. Make sure you use all the rod rings, - this is important on a fly rod as it will affect the way the rod flexes when you cast, and it affects the way ANY rod behaves when you hook a fish - sounds obvious, but hands up anyone who has missed a rod ring.......
  4. When you reach the tip ring, pull your surplus line straight out from the rod, DO NOT be tempted to draw line out sideways, bending the rod - you may well break it!


These same rules apply whether you are setting up a bait or fly rod. For fixed spool reels there are a couple of other useful tips:

  1. Keep a swivel link tied to the end of your reel line. You can easily tie a hook link to this, making it easier to change your rigs. It also means you can find the end of your reel line more easily and feed it through the rod rings when setting up.
  2. Most modern fixed spool reels have a line-clip - see if yours has, and use it to secure your reel line when you take your rod down at the end of a session.