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Tackle Tip - November

How long have you had this stuff..?

Time For a Clear Out?

I have just read over last month's Tackle Tip, and it got me thinking - especially about lines and leader material. A lot of the items we use for fishing are quite durable, and if we look after them, they will last a lifetime. That's prt of the importance of cleaning fly lines. However, there are some items that stand the test of time less well. For example, did you know that nylon degrades quite rapidly in ultra-violet light? If you have ever picked up a discarded leader from the bankside (and if you see tem, please DO pick tem up and bin them properly) you may have noticed how brittle and discoloured it had become. That's the effect of ultra-violet light. Similarly hooks can corrode and rust, particularly if you have been using them in salt water. Fly fishers, do you use a fly floatant like Gink? How long have you had that bottle? Has it gone thick and gluey?When did you last replace your tapered leaders?

Well, since it is almost impossible to get out and fish at the moment, now would seem to be a good time to have good rake through the tackle box, bag, room - whatever and get rid of old spools of nylon, brittle hooks and flies and any other suspect items of gear you might have, and hope that Father Christmas brings you something useful!